Monday, February 18, 2013

Plurale, Femminile

Group Show a cura di Francesco Petrosino ed Elena Di Legge con il contributo critico di Carlo Di Legge Official Preview per “The Other Side of The Ink” 8\9\10 marzo Roma - Hotel Ergife

Studioventuno vi porge un invito a spiare dal buco della serratura, con delicatezza, per non disturbare troppo, il laboratorio di un'artigiana che confeziona un abito. Oltre la porta, delle donne persuase ad esprimere liberamente il proprio essere, la propria passione più grande, la più grande ossessione e stregoneria, la propria arte. E' forse un'ambizione enorme desiderare di poter definire quel fotogramma dipinto, tentare di evocare, per ciascuna, quell'abito che meglio veste la propria anima. I colori scorrano pure attraverso luci ed ombre, seguendo una declinazione necessariamente plurale, femminile, 21 artiste, 21 donne. 
Il femminile si unisce alla differenza, nel corso della storia delle donne – verità della differenza, nell’ambito della verità universale, per cui la storia delle donne è insieme a quella degli uomini, è storia dell’umanità. La differenza al femminile si tesse di dolore e di espressione artistica, a partire almeno da Saffo e finendo a Sylvia Plath, per non dire che due delle grandi, plurali, diversissime manifestazioni autentiche; ma, certo, il tessuto della differenza femminile include anche grandi trame di gioia e – alla base – la trama della vita, se la donna è per eccellenza tutto questo, e, nei simbolismi di tutti i tempi, oltre che divinità terribile, anche affermazione di vita e di vittoria sulla morte. 
Come i momenti di dolore e di oppressione, anche i connotati della gioia e della vita, che ovviamente li superano, quindi tutte le manifestazioni dell’esistenza al femminile, si esprimono nell’arte e nella poesia – come nella pittura. 

Plurale, Femminile. con: Valentina Zummo, Claudia Ottaviani, Luisa Montalto, Giuditta Solito, Madame Decadent, Gerlanda Di Francia, Grozdana Tilotta, Erica Calardo, Ania Tomicka, Ixie Darkonn, Antonella Caraceni, Sasha Prosperi, Miss Salopette (Mery Sinatra), Alessandra Fusi, Elena Di Legge, Diletta Lembo, Elena Adinolfi, Elena Cermaria, Amanda Toy, Silvia Faieta, Caterina Baldi.

             i'm working on the painting for this amazing preview show this 9th March in Rome
I can give you a sneak peak!

S. Valentine 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thursday, December 20, 2012

La stanza numero 15 , un racconto di Francesca Scotti illustrazione di Miss Salopette (Mery Sinatra)

I had the honour of illustrating a story written for by the italian writer Francesca Scotti.
Sorry only italian, but you can see the illustration ;)

Su le parole necessarie "La stanza numero 15", un racconto di Natale di Francesca Scotti illustrato da Miss Salopette (Mery Sinatra)

Friday, December 14, 2012

BazArte 2012, Milan

This 15th and 16th december my artwork "Baby Beatle" will be exposed @ Sergeant Pepper's Milano, Milan for BazArte 2012 edition. Don't miss it! ;)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Anonimiartisti & guests @ spazio concept, Milan

This 30th november i was invited to partecipate on this show, on my native town, Milan!
The space was awesome and i took a lot of photos


90x90 cm big riot girl


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Get the lead out IV @ Swoon Gallery

I am truly honored to take part alongside so many excellent artists! You'll can see 2 of my artworks on this show

for inquires contact

Saturday, November 3, 2012

E.T Enfants Terribles special preview @ florence tattoo convention

Enfants Terribles
2-3-4 November 2012
 Studio 21 Tattoo & Art Gallery introduces a project dedicated to "terrible children." The essential idea is childhood considered as an universal theme, an age that everyone went through and that for everybody has been a fundamental passage, that has left a strong mark in our lives. For many adults childhood is almost a displayed mental state, wanting to hang on to it at any price so that they don’t let slip away the natural essence of things and to escape the superstructures often imposed by the adulthood. To such point that is a very recurring topic in the artistic world of pop surrealism that could even be almost the emblem of it, the childhood is triumphantly welcomed and also brought out by Studio 21. Our main interest is to stress on terrible children, frightening children, almost small extraterrestrial ones. Are they observing our world from another time, from another space, with an enigmatic or lost look? Accusatory or polemic? Often disillusioned? When we are in front of them it seems that they question us speechless, as if we were in front of a mirror. What does this vision raise in the spectator? A mirror is undoubtedly an invitation to reflect. The artist in this case has the privilege and the freedom to invent to stimulate the spectator’s reflection in some directions.


I spent the best time in Florence with the lovely gallerists Francesco and Elena and with my 2 special friends and talented artists Erica and Ania. we drunk a lot, red the tarots, talk about future projects and It was AWESOME!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vexed show @ 423 west gallery

i’ll take part to this wonderful exhibition in Los Angeles, with some cool american artists and 2 others talented italian artists, Ania Tomicka and Erica Calardo. If you live near don't miss the grand opening show! I'd love to be there... :(

My piece for the show:

Octopus (Octoboobs) oil on canvas 30x40, 2012
click here to the gallery store

and some work in progress shots from instagram:

The last one is a sketch for the painting but i'm considering to sell it if anyone is interested, for a very good price so let me know if you feel to invest in art :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poisoned Apples exhibition @ Funhouse Gallery, Detroit

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the animated film Snow White, a celebration like no other will take place at Funhouse Gallery Det
roit. More than 100 local, national and international contemporary artists will display their interpretations of the story of The Original Princess. The exhibition is curated by Diane Irby.
I was into the project with this little one.

Snow dirty White , oil on canvas 2012

For purchase contact me

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview with Miss Salopette by Amy Goh for Eyestrane

The canadian artist Amy Goh interviewed me for the very cool site
and please leave me a feedback or share!

here a preview:

Tell us more about the girls you draw. Are they purely figurative, or do they have individual stories? Are they individual people, or are they mythic archetypes of our time? 

The girls I draw have a sweet, childish look but embody a contradiction. Their kawaiiness is misleading. They'€™re gloomy, alienated, confused, sometimes apathetic. For me, they express the unease of my generation. I strongly relate to that. It'€™s not by accident that I put them into empty contexts, flat colours stressing the vacuity. It'€™s like they'€™re suspended in time and space. I want to depict a feeling, more than a story. I like to insert elements that underline their mood. Sometimes it'€™s an animal -€“ their "€œinappropriate" guiding animal - usually felt as repellent. Larvae, insects, cockraches, snails. Sometimes it is an object, like a garbage can, dynamite, a cutter, an alien spaceship, a cross... or a genetic or aesthetic anomaly, like conjoined twins, extra legs, amputated arms or missing parts, like eyes. These elements generally emphasize the mood, but sometimes they come from stories I read on the internet and the thoughts and discordant feelings they bring me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inside my studio

I took some photos of my studio to choose one for the interview i made for
I like how my studio looks on this photos! so messy and artsy, very me!! :D