Saturday, September 25, 2010

the glitched net dream

my last work is about a little girl lost in a glitched dream surrounded by her technologic reality of everyday.
i enjoyed so much making this painting
some photos of before and after step by step.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This fact makes reference to Tuesday 14/9, the day I met Tomoko Nagao for the first time.
Talking about Tomoko, she's a great Japanese artist based in Milan for several years.
Her style is unique and very cute and the first time I heard about her art was thanks to "Micropop and Nipponsuggestions", an exhibition cured by Christian Gangitano (thanks to him to bring this kind of event in Milan). I immediately was impressed by Tomoko's artworks, so I wrote her a mail and she kindly invited me to an event of Milano Film Festival to watch a documentary where she takes part in.
It was a great experience 'cause I met her in person, in that moment I felt very happy to talk to a person I totally admire . I met her husband too.. they're very good persons.
Anyway please, visit Tomoko's website here:
and support Christian's work, every person who lives in Milan or in the neighbourhood and likes japan culture should visit one of his exhibitions:
On the top a little tribute/sketch for her !
here some of her artworks: