Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm still alive, and actually the 1st of October i left for Tokyo.
It passed a month about, and i can't believe time is passed so fast!
i have a very short memory and i cant describe everything i did, but what i can say is Tokyo seems another world and my first impression is still the same.

The city in first, it seems build it to be nice. everytime i take a train, everytime i stop at the lights, everytime i see a roadsign, just look around me. everything is designed to be nice and kawaii. they have a kawaii mascotte for everything! like suica card (the travel card for train and metro) or bank or supermarket or etc etc, this is the first reason why i love this city and i think everyday life here is a great source of inspiration.

then, the quantity and the variety of shops. here you can find everything.
there are specific shops for eveyone taste, for example i found a shop with 4 floors only with paint and sculpture stuff. but this is only an example because i focused on this kind of stuff.

I'm officially falling in love with mori fashion.
For whom doesn't know, Mori means forest in Japanese and the mori fashion consist in wearing with soft natural colours, layering, lace, and hand-made items, an aura of a girl living in the woods is the essence of a mori girl.
i found a cute blog about morigirl fashion check it out:

last, the sense of loneliness.
I've always imagined tokyo like the most entertainment city in the world (maybe after LV?) and probabily it is. Despite of my opinion what i realized and felt living here is a sense of loneliness around. most of the people here live a solitary life.
It's very common that people eat alone in the restaurant, shopping alone, if you're in the
crowd of shibuya it seems like to be alone cause no one talks and they are always surrounded by this loud adv announcements.. very annoying. Anyway i don't dislike this sense of loneliness i think is fascinating!

i'm trying to organize my agenda to see some interesting museum and gallery.
Tomoko san recommend me to visit Yokohama, a city near Tokyo full of interesting art activity.

I hope to update this blog as often as possible on the various moments of my life here. and i hope to post some new pictures too!

oh my, now i'm thinking.. i need to update my site too!!