Thursday, May 19, 2011

I know you know i know

For who doesn't know yet , i'm proud to say i designed the last album of Gabby LaLa's "I Know, You know, I know" released last february.

Who is Gabby La La? She's an incredibile artist (and girl) who plays kawaii music. yes, kawaii music, I think that the concept of "kawaii" is not only regarded as visual perception, and i realized it only after i listened her first album "Be Careful What You Wish For..." (a collaboration with Les Claypool- Primus).
Her fantasy is limitness!
Gabby LaLa plays using a nintendo ds lite, sitar, ukulele, theremin, and her lovely voice!
"I Know, you know, I know" is funky, electo-pop with japanese influences, get yourself ready to a new kawaii immersion experience!

If you're curious to know something more about her visit:

Her lovely website made by Javarnanda:

If you want to buy her last album i designed:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be your pet

This is a portrait of Brittanie a dear internet friend, last thursday was her birthday and i'm always so retarded to remember birthday's dates so this is my belated gift to her...
I am trying to work on new digital techniques of colouring and this exact method is something I have been wanting to try but I am still not comfortable :/.
I feel more comfortable with a "flat" style, i dont know how to explain it.
Anyway i love to experiment! It's a good thing for me, now.
These days are strange days. Many changes are in the air,some of which are not bad, but I feel really exhausted. a total lack of energy.

In part, this is because my moving into my new place. it's not easy at all, but i hope to explain to you better in the next post, writing a few words about it and show you some pictures of my new art studio!