Friday, April 6, 2012

Gary Baseman's opening solo show "Vicious" @ Galleria Antonio Colombo

Yesterday i went at Antonio Colombo Gallery invited to Gary to see his solo show in Milan. It was a blast! I met Gary for the very first time and i was really happy to talk with him and see his precious sketchbook, it really inspired me! Gary is a fabulous artist and a very beautiful person, i admire him so much! I met Zoe Lacchei too (and i shared her hotel room talking and laughing like teenager girls !)
a really interesting night full of inspirations.

antonio colombo gallery view and me talking with ozmo and c.gangitano (photo by nicola boccaccini)

Zoe, me and Gary with the drawing Gary did for me

a lil creature near the day of my birthday, he use to call me step sister!

Zoe, Gary and Me
happy like a child watching the precious Gary's sketchbook