Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview with Miss Salopette by Amy Goh for Eyestrane

The canadian artist Amy Goh interviewed me for the very cool site
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here a preview:

Tell us more about the girls you draw. Are they purely figurative, or do they have individual stories? Are they individual people, or are they mythic archetypes of our time? 

The girls I draw have a sweet, childish look but embody a contradiction. Their kawaiiness is misleading. They'€™re gloomy, alienated, confused, sometimes apathetic. For me, they express the unease of my generation. I strongly relate to that. It'€™s not by accident that I put them into empty contexts, flat colours stressing the vacuity. It'€™s like they'€™re suspended in time and space. I want to depict a feeling, more than a story. I like to insert elements that underline their mood. Sometimes it'€™s an animal -€“ their "€œinappropriate" guiding animal - usually felt as repellent. Larvae, insects, cockraches, snails. Sometimes it is an object, like a garbage can, dynamite, a cutter, an alien spaceship, a cross... or a genetic or aesthetic anomaly, like conjoined twins, extra legs, amputated arms or missing parts, like eyes. These elements generally emphasize the mood, but sometimes they come from stories I read on the internet and the thoughts and discordant feelings they bring me.

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